Written by Dan Catarig

I was interested in cars since I was a little kid. I remember playing with toy cars for hours.

I was very inventive and I diversified the play very often.

I looked at the wheels of the cars riding fast on the highway or slowing down on the driveways.

I even asked for help to build a multi level parking garage out of cardboard.

After a while I became bored and I found a low coffee table with a glass surface.

I poured water on the table and pretended it was a rainy day.

I moved the cars on the table, one after another, and I looked at the track the car left through the water.

You can imagine that the water spilled on the floor more than once so I had to clean the mess!

All my family members and some of my friends knew about my passion and they bought me different toy vehicles: ambulance, police car, fire truck, motorcycles, race cars.

Because I had these types of cars I even imagined vehicle accidents; pile ups due to fog, cars in flames all with the sirens.

The time flew by. I decided to sell my box of cars when I was 10 years old . I made a young boy very happy and I was happy too.

I moved forward to the next phase of my passion and the internet was a source of information where I could find a lot of car brands.

I looked up car prices, the best dealerships, how many km/h different cars can get up to and so on. I became good at recognizing the brand of the cars on the road.

By the time I was 17 years old I started learning the rules of the road. It wasn’t as easy as I thought in the beginning.

I read the whole book and I practiced doing tests on the ICBC website. It took me more than one year to get above 80%. After a while I got higher than 90% most of the time .

This February I went to ICBC office and I took the knowledge test and I got 88%! This was a passing mark, so a big shiny L (for Learner) sign is mine! It pays off to work hard and

to make my dream come true.