You can donate funds to support our members in attending the Aunual Self Advocacy Leadership Institute Conference that being held in (Mission Camp Luther )

And the Inclusion BC  Annual Conference (Vancouver).

and can also sponsor our group.

If you can spare some time, you can volunteer at our fundraising events: bake sales, bottle drives, dances, etc.

Volunteer Advisors are also needed


Another way can can help us by dropping by the return it centre and donate your bottles and milf cartons 

As part of the Mission Self Advocate Group’s ongoing fund-raising campaign, we are encouraging Mission  community to bring their pop cans ,milk cartons, beer bottles and etc to the recycling centre at the Mission Return-It Depot located at: 7233 Park Street, Mission, BC V2V 6J9

You can use the Express entrance and simply print off a label to attach to your bags and they will be automatically donated to the Group.

Our account number is Bryce’s phone number which is 604-226-6591.

Thank you

Tracy Martin, President

Bryce Schaufelberger Consultant

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